What will asbestos training courses teach me?

This asbestos training courses provides a basic understanding of asbestos, its' hazards, and the ability to identify asbestos-containing materials in the workplace. This four-day asbestos training course provides a general overview of asbestos abatement procedures and worker protection for individuals working on asbestos class I & II projects. This course follows the EPA Asbestos Model Accreditation Plan and includes extensive hands-on exercises. Topics covered: Asbestos Identification, Health Effects, Personal Protective Equipment, Control Methods, Removal Techniques, Health and Safety Issues, and State and Federal Regulations. Asbestos awareness covers techniques for individuals who will engage in investigations for asbestos-containing material. This course meets the training requirements under AHERA. It includes identification procedures, building systems, air monitoring, inspection procedures and reports, legal considerations, and regulations.

Asbestos training courses teach

Absestos training course educates maintenance and custodial workers involved in general maintenance an where asbestos awareness course containing material is likely to be disturbed. This course includes hands-on exercises and demonstrations. Topics covered: Identifying asbestos, developing an O&M program, health effects, personal protective equipment, control methods and work practices, maintenance related removal, and regulations. This course will provide the necessary training for a worker removing resilient floor covering, according to the new requirements.